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Trunki : Unicorn

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Trunki : Unicorn

Una the Unicorn, with her magical powers has been designed to beat the boredom suffered by travelling tots – with her silky rainbow tail and glittery horn and matching stickers she is bound to be a hit with your wee tot!

Based on the classic Trunki design with a bright turquoise body, yellow handles, pink horns and glittery stickers, it’s easy to see Una when you’re out and about. With 18 litre capacity storage, a comfy saddle seat and a lightweight design, he’s the perfect chum to take on your travels.

Trunki was created to beat the boredom so often suffered by travelling tots. Designed to be used as hand luggage, kids can pack Trunki with all their favourite belongings whilst parents keep them in tow.

It’s made from the same lightweight yet durable plastic as adult suitcases, and they are tested it to the extremes to make sure it can take all the wear and tear an excited 3 year old can throw at it.


  • Locking catches
  • Teddy bear seatbelts
  • Horns grip for stability
  • Soft rubber trim to protect little fingers
  • Multifunctional carry-tow strap
  • Internal stuff pocket
  • Carry handles


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Weight 3.5 kg


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